Blow-out Preventer are an important safety element in the drilling industry. These systems allow the closing of the open borehole even if it is under high pressure. Through individual configuration options we can customize our preventer stacks for your drilling project. Because of in-house production of all components, we are able to respond fast to meet special requirements. In addition, we offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services.

Preventer assembly:

  • Standpipe
    The base of each preventer stack is a securely cemented standpipe. For small borehole diameters the usage of a packer standpipe is possible.

  • Gate Valve
    With a gate valve the borehole can be sealed off when no drill string is installed.

  • T-fitting
    This device can be used to pump-in or out drill mud or injection material. Additionally, a manometer can be installed to monitor the borehole pressure.

  • Ram-type Preventer
    A ram-type preventer closes the annular space between the borehole and drill string. In normal operation, rams with rubber inserts are used. Optional blind jaws enable a full sealing of the borehole when no drill string is installed. A full sealing of the borehole with installed drill string is possible in combination with a kelly valve.

  • Shear Preventer
    A hydraulic shear preventer can cut through the drill string with sharpened shear rams and thus makes a total sealing of the borehole possible even when a drill string is installed.

  • Rotational Preventer
    With a rotation preventer, the annular space to the drill string is sealed even during ongoing drill string rotation. A rotating sealing compensates the motion of the drill string and ensures high endurance.

  • Kelly Valve
    A kelly valve can close the drill mud circulation completely. In combination with a closed ram-type preventer total sealing of the borehole is also possible with installed drill string.

  • Swivel
    The inner part of the swivel is rotationally mounted and allows the drilling fluid totransit from the fixed hose connection at the swivel housing to the rotating drill string.